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Panini America

Brandon Lesley, Creative Director

“Waldo Ramirez is a talented designer that I can rely on whether the project is complex or simple. He takes direction effectively and consistently produces a high quality design that communicates the message we are looking for. Waldo is always courteous and helpful when asking questions and is thorough in his implementation. I recommend Waldo for any freelance project where efficiency and high quality design is demanded.”


Thom Gridley, Director of Design

“Waldo did not request this recommendation. I chose to post this (via LinkedIn) as an additional testament to the other recommendations. I have not worked with Waldo for some time, but he has left such an indelible impression on me, from the work he created, to the processes and approach he implemented and the connectedness he infused within our entire design culture at Reebok. Working with Waldo felt like a “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity, and as I reflect on the history of those experiences, my sentiments feel just as strong.”


Deb Tucker, Art Director
“Waldo has quickly become our resource for anything and everything creative!  One of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure working with, Waldo makes managing and working virtually with a designer a breeze. Tervis has tapped into Waldo’s talents for a variety of assignments including campaign art direction, marketing collateral, product design and our sports product lines. We find he always adds his unique perspective and sense of design to each and every project. From making even the simplest tasks sing to solving complex, detailed assignments in a unique and innovative way, he remains mindful of our brand standards. We find Waldo to have a true understanding of innovation and problem solving and would highly recommend him.”

Collectors Universe

Steve Sloan, Business Development Director

“As product manager, I developed an outstanding working relationship with Waldo Ramirez as he progressed from art director to design director at Upper Deck. Aside from producing well thought-out and impactful designs, Waldo has a knack for asking the right questions that drive a concept from good to great. His managerial dexterity not only ensures that his design staff produces to its fullest capability, but also that fellow business partners (such as product managers like me!) expand ideas and concepts to consider every possible position or outcome. He expects a great deal from everyone around him – and that’s an excellent reflection of his intelligence, experience, and passion to drive a business forward. I highly respect Waldo for his design talent, managerial skill and friendly demeanor and would recommend him to any energetic, growing and dynamic company.”

InterFocusLaw, LLP

James Prenton, Owner

“As part of the re-branding of our law firm, we retained Waldo to create a new logo, design business cards and develop the new “look and feel” for our website. Despite extreme time pressure (we had less than 3 weeks to launch the website), Waldo worked closely with us, our site programmer and other vendors to develop a new look that we were extremely happy with. The process was very efficient from start to finish and with Waldo’s meticulous attention to detail regarding our objectives and work product, we not only ended up with a great website and logo but we learned a few things about how we view our firm, clients and the market as a whole.”

Upper Deck Company

Larry Renac, Deisgner

“Waldo has a contagious passion for design as well as a positive/dynamic management style. Creative Directors who can both design and lead at an elite level are a rarity in the design industry – Waldo is certainly one of those rare ones. I would jump at the opportunity to work on any design team that he was a part of as I know the envious level of talent and energy that he brings to the table.”

Reebok International

Brad Schneider, Art Director

“I have been in the design business for over twenty years working as both a designer and art director and I have worked with many talented people but Waldo is, without exaggeration, the most talented designer I have ever worked with. His sense of design and intuition is beyond compare. His broad range of talents allow him to create of fresh look with each design project he embarks on. In addition to these artistic qualities, Waldo is an absolute joy to work with. He is easy-going, he has a fabulous sense of humor and he is very receptive to direction and supervision. I would jump at the chance to work with him again if that opportunity arose.”

SUM Booth

Conor Mongan, Owner

“Probably one of the most talented designers I’ve ever worked with, Waldo’s diverse style and willingness to think outside the box inspired me to do the same. As my supervisor when first starting at Upper Deck, Waldo had the ability to challenge me to use my talents, whether by pushing me verbally or simply by leading by example. There are a couple people in my past that helped shape who I am today as a designer, and Waldo is definitely one of them.”

Jay-Y Enterprise Company, Locs Brand

Ward Chen, Art Director

“Waldo is an awesome artist to work with.  With artists, I find that they usually work on “their” schedule and not the clients. He is very punctual with his deadlines and often rushes me for info so that we don’t miss our deadlines. He does background homework prior to creating his artwork which really enhances his ability to capture what we need. I find Waldo very multi-dimensional. I have given him tasks ranging from designing product for the urban community to western cowgirl merchandise. A very thorough and detailed individual.”

Terry Melia Communications

Terry Melia, Owner

“Waldo is the consummate team player and resourceful designer. During our many years working together for the Upper Deck Company, Waldo proved himself time and again with beautifully designed projects ranging from print catalogs to sports collectibles. Waldo was never at a loss for generating new ideas and concepts to keep things fresh. His pleasant demeanor and friendly approach to people at all levels was an admirable quality he displayed every day. As one of the company’s Design Directors, he showed great managerial skills. If you need a talented, hard-working, top-notch designer who knows how to lead people, look no further than Waldo Ramirez. He’s your man.”

Sambreel Services LLC

Ben Arboleda, Art Director

“In my 12+ years at Upper Deck I can say without a doubt that Waldo is one of the most versatile and talented designers. His great design sense coupled along with his method of approach to every project enables him to be as efficient as possible as well as exceeding the clients needs. In working directly under Waldo the past 3 years he has shown great leadership and a management style that both encourages and inspires one to flourish as a designer.”

Blizzard Entertainment

David Lomeli, Senior Creative Development

“Waldo is a very talented designer. Over the years I worked with Waldo, I found his concepts and solutions to be unique, innovative and on target. He was self motivated and was always able to take his vision from concept to completion and manage the issues along the way to deliver a quality product. Any company looking for a strong designer/director to grow their business or solidify their in-house team, look no further.”

Tano Studio

Frank Scicchitano, Illustrator

“Waldo is a great young man. A very talented and creative designer with a wonderful personality and a beautiful spirit. It was always a pleasure working with him, his affable nature and great sense of humor somehow made the most intense deadlines, truly enjoyable. And, he brings a smile to work everyday, a very rare quality!”

Faith Keala Design

Faith Hark, Creative Print and Web Graphics

“I highly recommend Waldo as both an innovative graphic designer and an excellent team leader. His original brand identity designs easily transferred from packaging to web design. His designs have always been on the cutting edge of current trends. In the three years I worked with his team, I found his projects were consistently well-organized and his team always had fun executing the tasks. I always had the sense that they really enjoyed the work and as a result created brilliant finished pieces.”

Joseph Soehn Creative Media Services

Joe Soehn, Creative Communications and Marketing Professional

“I had the honor of working with Waldo for over 10 years at Upper Deck and he’s a first-class design professional. Along with his amazing artistic abilities, Waldo’s innovative thinking and cooperative nature makes him a valuable asset to any creative team. I highly recommend Waldo to any company or business looking for someone with dynamic artistic vision and team-first leadership.”

Cloud Kicker

Frank Floridia, Co-Owner

“Waldo has been an irreplaceable asset to the Cloud Kicker brand. He is “hands down” my “go-to-guy” when it comes to projects that need to be turned around in a short period of time. Waldo’s designs are consistently some of our top selling styles each collection.”

Crux Music Group

Chips Weldon and Erin Villanueva, Co-Owners

“Waldo is extremely creative and can take your idea and truly bring it to life. We’ve had an opportunity to work with several graphic designers in the past but Waldo’s combination of talent, professionalism and attention to detail is above and beyond every other designer we’ve worked with. He is now our “go-to” designer. Waldo has a superb eye for quality and a unique workflow/design process which keeps you included throughout the project.”

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