The art director at adidas, a long-time friend, had his in-house team and other outside design studios work on the RG3 project many months prior to contacting me. With not much success he called me up and gave me three whole days to see what I could do. Having gone through this process before on my original RG3 logo, it was definitely more difficult this go around. The direction was to try and keep the essence of Robert’s skill set (fast and athletic) and stay away from the Roman numeral “III” as they wanted to distance the logomark from any three striped graphic. Aside from that it was pretty much open to my interpretation.

As you probably now know, and as I found out this past Christmas, none of my logos were chosen. Bah, humbug! Yeah, I was disappointed, dejected and broken as a man but it was still a blast to do and a great opportunity to have.

Below are my solutions along with the artwork I supplied to adidas. Maybe next time. Sniff, sniff.

RG3_v1v2RG3_v3v4My two favorites were versions 1 and 4. For the last version (V.4), I know the direction was to stay away from the Roman numerals but I truly felt that it represents him to the fullest. Since that’s what a logo is all about, I wanted to embrace it. He was the first in pro football to have that become part of his jersey nameplate. Heck, he changed the NFL rule that prohibited generational titles to be included on player jerseys. Robert first started wearing the “III” at Baylor. When asked about what it represents he said, “My dad always promised me he’d give me more than he ever had. The least I could do is pay him back, pay my great grandmother back, pay my grandfather back “.

RG3sweatshirt9602In addition to the one-color logos I also sent comps of how they could look on adidas product.

RG3ShoeComp960Here, I took an existing RG3 cleat and added my logos. I wanted to also show my original RG3 logo on the shoe as well.