With over 20 years of martial arts experience my client was ready to fulfill his lifelong dream to start his own company. The owner’s vision, Kenpo Pro, is a martial arts studio specializing in Shaolin Kenpo and Jujitsu. He started off with a bang by partnering up with the largest school in North America, the United Studios of Self Defense. His objective was to establish a studio that would become a part of his community. Along with his wife, who’s also an instructor, they wanted Kenpo Pro to actively participate with local schools, neighborhood fairs and charity events. Ultimately, he wanted the studio to reflect his experience of being traditionally trained while integrating his own progressive style and practical, real world methods.

truckpicThe owner was chomping at the bit to get started and I quickly learned about his all-in nature. Along with the logo design there were many other projects he wanted to get going. From promotional tents to custom bouncers he was ready to attack his competition. Above is the auto-wrap design for his F-150 Ford Raptor.

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