Lion Two is a new golf apparel company that specializes in creating high quality clothing with a different approach. Not your traditional fit, L2 polos are not meant for tucking in. They are perfectly designed for the comfort of today’s golfer. Lion Two is all about having a laid back style with the attitude of never laying up. When you look and feel good, you play good. And when you play good… hopefully you’re lying two.

Here are the main tasks of this project:

  1. Design a logo system that includes a lion head mark, a customized script logotype and a secondary “L2” logotype variation.
  2. Create a cool, “California” edgy look that feels serious and established (other keywords: clean, strong, unique, original).
  3. Appeal to a broad target market (males, 12-60). Anthony (owner) explains, “Our focus is on golfers who aren’t trying to hard (to look the part). Our guys like to hit the ball far and play more fearless when going for the hole.”
Lion Two Logo System

L2LogoThe images below show the development for both the Lion Head Logo to the Script Logo. The Lion Head went through rounds of subtle adjustments to the eyes, ears, mouth and crown. I designed subliminal golf elements into the head. Can you see the golf clubs, golf ball and tee?

L2Logo_DevL2Logo_Dev_ColorsThe Script Logo turned out to be my favorite piece. Along with the main logotype I designed a secondary LT logo as an ambigram (to be read the same right-side-up or upside down). The LT also reads as a Roman Numeral 2. The Script Logo was also my clients favorite and he decided to make it the primary logo versus the Lion Head. Below shows some logo variations which lead to the final Logo Style Guide for the entire logo system.


Final Logo Style GuideL2_StyleGuide

The L2 Polo

Once the Style Guide was approved we were ready to jump into the next projects, designing the Lion Two Polo. The following images show the multiple concepts for polo silhouette and the pattern and print designs.


The L2 Golf Ball

My client also wanted to produce golf balls for his brand. Here are the logo concepts from the initial looks to the final comp.

L2_GolfBall_devL2_GolfBall_devR21 L2_GolfBall_devR22