This was a fun and challenging project to art direct and design. First of all, it’s for Michael. Secondly, it was cool to relive his amazing career and a challenge leading a team on a super tight timeframe to create some great work. Since Michael Jordan is an exclusive athlete with Upper Deck we were able to build a great product line for this historical event. The initial task was to design a logo to brand his induction into the Hall do Fame. With Jordan well known for just his jersey number, that’s the direction I went. In the end though, we added “JORDAN” to the mark. The next hurdle was to create, develop and design memorabilia to commemorate this event all while designing a 24-page catalog that needed to ship in 12 weeks. Did I say this was a challenge? To the right is one of my framed prints that didn’t make the cut. You can’t win ’em all.

To see the catalog and related products check out my project highlight here.