Pro Shots is a collectible figure brand that boasts a roster of sports history’s best. Along with a limited trading card, this product includes a diorama-style collector’s box that recreates their most famous moments that made them legends. Being a hands on Design Director, this was a great project to work on. Not only was I responsible for the product branding but also for the management and execution of product development with vendors here and abroad. This project showcases my design skills (logo, print, packaging and product) as well as my ability to manage and develop smart, streamlined processes that improved efficiency in time and costs. In the end, our use of 3D face scanning technology with Gentle Giant Studios, industry leading sculptors and our attention to every detail, we were able to bring the best hyper-realistic sports figures to market. Below shows the first of three different SKU’s, the retail packaging for Toy “R” Us.

The diorama aspect of this product was a great selling point. With most collectors trying to maintain the value of their collectible (by not opening the box), this element offers a great alternative for owners to enjoy their collection. From the cheering crowds to being right there in the boxing ring to the Masters’ famous scoreboard as the backdrop, I wanted to design packaging to took full advantage of this element. Even with the placement of the trading card you are able to view both front and back without cracking the box open. However, below are the 7″ figures out of their boxes and on their bases. To continue our goal of realism, check out the unique treatments to the bases. Jordan’s base is glossy, like the actual court floor (we even did research to see where in the key he would be at the exact moment of the figure’s depiction). Ali’s base is a matte finish with a blue canvas texture. This Ali figure is one of my favorites. The pose is from that famous photo and the sculpt, likeness and paint work is spot on. Finally, Tiger’s base was a different material altogether. We used a rubber material embossed with a grass texture to give it a more realistic feel of grass and chose yellow, brown and green paints to match the moment’s fairway at the Open.

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