Tervis is an American company that has produced made-to-order tumblers for over 65 years. With multiple licenses from sports to entertaiment, they offer a full line of drinkware. In this project I was asked to design their NHL product line for 2011. They wanted designs that were more dynamic than what they’ve done previously for their sports licensed products. They wanted three different looks to start and would then narrow it down to one (to be applied to every team). Above, I show all three (Center IceGoalie Mask, and Beer Stein). Surprisingly, Tervis chose two! What was not surprising was the one I liked the best was the odd man out. They chose the Center Ice design for their 2011 NHL line and decided to use the Beer Stein design for a special collectible offering for the 2012 NHL Winter Classic Game (btw, the Rangers came back in the third period for the win over Philly).

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