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It’s finally coming. It will be Christmas in May for even the most casual boxing fan. It’s the super-ultra-mega fight, Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao. The 5-Division Champ versus the 8-Division Champ. Money vs. Manny. Pretty Boy versus Pac-Man. About damn time.

I did a Pacquiao design a while ago, back when he was just a 7-Division Champ (below). My concept was “The Belt Collector”, highlighting the unprecedented 7 division titles Manny attained at the time.

BeltCollectorNow with this epic fight a reality I decided to revisit the Filipino Slugger. This go-around I wanted to focus on Manny’s moniker, the 1980’s arcade game, Pac-Man. In the end I wanted more of a Pacquiao design and not a fight-versus-Mayweather-specific design. Click images to enlarge.

PacFaceTonesPacFaceRedWezPacFaceBlueWezThe above graphic (Pac Face Tee) is a full front 3-color print using the Pac-Man shape to create a halftone pattern of Manny. The design below (Pac Flag Tee) uses the iconic shape to create a sun/cross inspired by the Flag of the Philippines. I used a simpler 1-color graphic of this for the sleeve prints to brand both tees.