SeauLoRezPosterJunior Seau was one of my favorite players. He was easy to appreciate, respect and love because of his personality on and off the field. Being a native of San Diego (Oceanside), playing linebacker (my position) and of course his passionate playing style made many a fan of number 55. Here’s a tribute to the 12-time Pro Bowler. A great grandson of a Samoan Chief, one of the greatest linebackers to ever play and now a Pro Football Hall of Famer.

TeeComp55HOF55Bolt_HoodieI took the same elements of the poster to create a tee design. Along with the addition of his retired jersey number (San Diego Chargers) I used two bolts to form a subtle football shape graphic. Below are four different colorways I thought would speak to his fans: throwback Charger team colors, the fan favorite Powder Blue, and college colors from University of Hawaii and University of Southern California.


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