TundraShadesMain1Tundra Sunglasses are designed and built to take a beating. GotShades.com has been distributing wholesale sunglasses for over 30 years, and as a veteran wholesale sunglass supplier, we understand that everyone needs a pair of shades they can take outdoors for protection and functionality. The Tundra Brand is constructed to be durable while still being incredibly comfortable for long-term wear. This brand uses IceTech Technology to create a higher quality, protective lens to filter out UV rays. With mirror coating on the front and an anti-reflective coating on the back these shades are perfect for any sport or outdoor activity. The tabs below show the client’s direction and references.

  • Art Direction
    1. Logo design for a new sports sunglass brand (winter sports, outdoor sports, hiking).
    2. Packaging design that adds value to the product. It needs to feature the new logo in a simple, clean and cool way.
  • Main Points of CB
    1. Use a strong, hi-tech font. Also create a “T” logo that looks durable and heavy-duty.
    2. Color Preference: White, silver, grey.
    3. Key Words: Clean, established, edgy, strong, hi-tech, precise, white, polar and ice.
  • Client Supplied References


Below are images of the final logo (with some initial concepts and font options), some Tundra product and the box design.